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Plant Pathology Section

The Division of Plant Pathology is nearly 60 years old. It was originally established in 1954 as Mycology Section of Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) at Gyogone, Insein Township in Yangon Division to initiate mycological and plant pathological research in Myanmar. The divisional status was changed to the Section of Plant Pathology in 2004 after the Institute was separately organized into Department of Agricultural Research (DAR).


With view of developing disease management practices and improving bio-fertilizer production, the Plant Pathology Section (PPS) has laid down the following three objectives.

  • To evaluate disease resistant varieties.
  • To find out appropriate control measures for plant diseases.
  • To study the ability of effective micro-organism and bio-fertilizer production.

Achievement of Resistant Screening

CropDiseaseResistant Varieties
Rice- Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB)
- Bacterial Leaf Streak (BLS)
- Blast
- Sheath Blight (ShBlight)
- Sinthukha , Shwe Myanmar
- Manawthukha
- Yadanar Toe, Yar -1,Yar -8
- Manawthukha, Shwe Myanmar
Sesame- Black Stem- Sinyadanar - 6
Greengram- Cercospora Leaf Spot
- Yellow Mosaic Virus
- Yezin- 4,7, 12
- Yezin- 10,11,12,14
Sugarcane- Red Rot- DAR-4, Kyauksein,VMC -74/527

Achievement of Disease management

CropDiseases and Effective controls
Rice- BLB (Potash 56 lb/ac + Mencozeb)
- BLB (Potash 13 kg/ac + 3 kg/ac spray + 3 kg/ac spray) Basal + EPI + Booting Stage of Rice
- BLS (Potash 56 lb/ac + Fungiking)
- Blast (Fuji One)
Maize- Banded Leaf & Sheath Blight
(Deleafing + Trichoderma + Benomyl)
Sesame- Black Stem (Trichoderma + Carbendazim)
Groundnut- Collor rot (Carbendazim)
Greengram- Dry Root Rot (Trichoderma + Carbendazim)
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