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Fibre Crops Section

Fibre Crops Section emphasizes its research to breed and select for higher fibre yield with good fibre quality, tolerance to insect pests and diseases of two major industrial crops, namely cotton and jute. It also involves in the development of improved cultural practices of both crops for different agro-ecological zones.

It is collaborating with satellite farms, in conducting yield trials and other agronomic studies for cotton and jute crops. Hybrid cotton research and development has just been initiated.

The section has released 6 Capsularis, 6 Olitorius jute cultivars and 3 Hirsutum and 3 Arboretum cotton cultivars. A new capsularis jute cultivar (BC-115) with higher fibre yield and better fibre quality was released in 2002.

Sugar Crop Section

Sugar Crops Section emphasizes on the development of new improved varieties of sugarcane with high yield, pests and disease resistance and also on the development of agro-techniques that proportionate with high yield.

The varietal improvement program is being carried out through introduction, hybridization and selection, mutation and tissue culture methods. Four sugarcane varieties for different agro ecological zones. Agro-techniques experiments such as water management, rates and time of fertilizer application and time of sowing are being conducted.

Collaborative research activities are being conducted with Sugarcane Regional Farms under Myanma Sugarcane Enterprise (MSE) and with Asean’s NARS which includes China, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

Research Activities

  • Improvement of New Sugarcane Varieties with High Cane and Sugar Yield.
  • Improvement of Disease Resistant Sugarcane Varieties (Smut and Red Rot Diseases)
  • Improvement of Drought Resistant Sugarcane Varieties
  • Improvement of Stemborer Resistant Sugarcane Varieties
  • Investigation of Effective Herbicidesfor Controlling Weeds in Sugarcane Field
  • Investigating Proper Row Spacing and Seed Cane Sett Rate to achieve Better Cane Gowth and Yield.


Four Sugar varieties

  1. Yezin – 1
  2. Yezin – 2
  3. Yezin – 3
  4. DAR – 4

Yezin -1 and Yezin -2 are widely grown
DAR – 4 is newly released varieties which are being multiplied and distributed to farmers from Sagaing, Mandalayand Bago Regions and Shan State.

Industrial Crop Research Activities


  • Development of drought resistant cotton variety
  • Development of sucking pest resistant cotton variety
  • Development of varieties with high yielding and better fiber quality
  • Improved cultural practices to ascertain high yield

Jute and Kenaf

  • Germplasm maintenanceand Seed multiplication
  • Finding out improved agronomic techniques for getting high yield


  • Germplasm maintenance
  • Regional Adaptive varietal Trials
  • Establishment of Agronomic techniques for getting high yield



  1. Yezin Long-staple cotton – 1
  2. Yezin Long-staple cotton – 2
  3. Yezin Long-staple cotton – 3
  4. Yezin Long-staple cotton – 4
  5. Yezin Short-staple cotton – 1
  6. Yezin Short-staple cotton – 2
  7. Yezin Short-staple cotton – 3


  1. Yezin white Jute – 1
  2. Yezin white Jute – 2
  3. Yezin white Jute – 3
  4. Yezin white Jute – 4
  5. Yezin white Jute – 5
  6. Yezin white Jute – 6
  7. Yezin white Jute – 7

Yezin white jute – 3 and white jute – 7 are widely grown.

  1. Yezintossa jute – 1
  2. Yezintossa jute – 2
  3. Yezintossa jute – 3
  4. Yezintossa jute – 4
  5. Yezintossa jute – 5
  6. Yezintossa jute – 6

Yezintossa jute – 1 is widely grown in Myanmar.


Yezinkenaf – 1

  • It is widely grown in Ayeyarwady Region.
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