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Hybrid Rice Research Section

Hybrid Rice Research section, Rice Division of DAR is mainly conducting the hybrid rice research based on three line hybrid of Cytoplasmic- genetic Male Sterility System. The three parental lines of (A, B and R) are needed in this breeding program to develop hybrid rice varieties. Heterosis or hybrid vigour will be exploited to obtain higher performance of yield and other agronomic traits compare with inbred varieties. Hybrid rice research program is being conducted with the following objectives.

• To develop F1 Rice Hybrids with 20% yield advantage over local HYV (High Yielding Varieties)
• To develop own parental lines with good quality and adaptability
• To maintain the purification of parental lines


Yezin Palethwe 1 and Yezin PaleThwe -2 were released in 2014, and Yezin Palethwe -3 and Theingi Palethwe were released in 2015.

Breeding Program

For the the breeding program of A Line development for new CMS line , R Line breeding and Selection and B Line improvement is being carried out with the collaboration of Plant Biotechnology Section and Plant Pathology section. Being a public member of HRDC (Hybrid Rice Development Consortium), Department of Agricultural Research (DAR) has contributed in collaboration program of hybrid rice research.

Research Activities

  1. Development of Parental Lines (A, B, R )

Breeding Nurseries, such as Source Nursery, Test Cross Nursery, Backcross Nursery and Retest cross Nursery are grown in both wet and dry seasons to conduct the breeding process. For the R line and B Line improvement, hybridization and selection of populations in different generations have been done.

  1. Maintenance and Multiplication of CMS lines.
  2. Seed Production of Experimental Rice Hybrids

The promising lines from Combining Ability Test have been produced for heterosis evaluation in different locations.

  1. Evaluation of Experimental Hybrids

After Replicated Yield Trials of multi-locations, the promising combination among testing entries is selected to advanced trial and demonstration plots in farmers’ field as on farm trial.

  1. Evaluation and Maintenance of Restorer Lines

Evaluation and Maintenance of the parental lines has to be concerned for F1 seed production and future utilization.

  1. Seed Production of Promising hybrids.
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