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Horticulture Research Section

Among the horticulture crops, vegetable crops cover an areaof 0.17 million acres (0.29 million ha) and cultivated fruit trees occupy over 0.84 million acres (0.34 million ha) in Myanmar. Research priority in horticulture is aimed to the improvement of vegetable crops viz: tomato, chilli, eggplant, dragon fruit and muskmelon for good market quality, and yield. Mango and medicinal plants are being collected for genetic conservation andtuture utilization.

The objectives of this section are; (a) to develop high yielding vegetable crops with good quality and with resistance to major diseases and pests, (b) To study on improved cultural practices for high yield with good economic return (c) To produce high quality vegetable seeds and vegetatively propagated plants of fruit trees (mango, pummelo and citrus).

Current research activities include the following:

  1. Collection, maintenance, hybridization and selection of local and introduced tomato germplasms.
  2. Development of parental lines and experimental hybrids in tomato, onion, pepper and muskmelon.
  3. Improvement of local brinjal cultivars using mutation breeding.
  4. Studies on the off-season mango production techniques.

Horticulture section has collaborated research with AVRDC. Tomato and chilli breeding lines are being provided by AVRDC for use in the national breeding programs. Regional yield testing of tomato and chilli are being conducted in coordination with AVRDC.
Some of the achievements are as follows;

  • Three tomato hybrids suitable for rainy season and two OPV tomato cultivars; one brinjal variety with high quality and good yield have been released.
  • Improved cultural practices for tomato, baby corn and muskmelon production have been developed and disseminated to the growers.

Research Activities

Tomato                        – High yield, acceptable quality of fruit, and yellow leaf curl virus resistance

Chilli                           – High yield, acceptable quality of fruit

Eggplant                      – High yield and better quality

Okra                             – High yield and yellow mosaic virus resistance

Vegetable Soybean     – High yield and high protein content

Sweet Potato               – High yield and better quality

Pumpkin                      – High yield and tropically adapted open pollinated variety

Bitter gourd                 – High yield and tropically adapted open pollinated variety


Varietal Improvement

  1. Tomato        2 (released)                  2 (widely grown)
  2. Okra             1 (released)                  1 (widely grown)
  3. Eggplant      1 (released)                  1 (widely grown)

Horticultural Techniques

  • Leafy vegetable production with hydroponic
  • Quality Tomato and pepper with Fertigation
  • Off-season production in Mango
  • Off-season production in Dragon Fruit
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