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Food Legumes Research Section

Food legume crops cover about 7 to 8 million acres in Myanmar. Among them mungbean, blackgram, pigeonpea, chickpea, cowpea and soybean are major legume crops which contribute more than 64% of total pulses production in the country. Therefore, the section places its research efforts in the improvement of these 6 major legume crops.

The main function of the division is to develop highly adaptable crop varieties for different agro acological zones through introduction, hybridization and mutation techniques. Agronomic studies are also being conducted on these crops. The general objectives of varieial improvement program for each mandate crop are:

(a) To develop varieties with high yield, early maturity and with good seed quality

(b) To improve tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses

The research objectives for each specific legume crops are;

– To develop varieties with synchronous maturity (greengram)

-To develop photo-insensitive varieties (black gram)

-To improve varieties with high oil and protein content (soybean)

Food legumes section had collaborative research with ICRISAT, IAEA, AVRDC and FAO. New food legume varieties and production technologies are being introduced and tested from these international organizations.

The section has already released six improved varieties of green gram, three blackgram, five chickpea, two pigeonpea, four soybean varieties, and one coupea variety to the farmers for commercial production.

Food Legumes Research conducted to breed high yielding varieties adaptable to different agro climatic zones, to produce new exportable quality varieties, to improve high yielding varieties tolerance to pests and diseases and to thrive breeder seed production of released varieties.

Released varieties

Greengram      – 12
Blackgram       – 5
Pigeonpea        – 6
Chickpea         – 10
Soybean          – 12
Cowpea           – 2

Research Activities

Green gram     – High yielding and Yellow Mosaic Disease Resistance
Black gram      – High yield and Yellow Mosaic Disease Resistance
Pigeonpea        – Medium duration hybrid pigeonpea variety
Chickpea         – High yield variety with resistance to pod borer
Soybean          – Early maturity, high yield and adaptable all seasons & locations
Cowpea           – High yield and exportable quality

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